Sharing Your Mouse and Keyboard Between Computers

Having multiple machines is becoming more and more common for people’s workflows.

For instance, when I’m streaming, I like to use a Mac for coding for it’s developer-friendly operating system.

However, when it comes to post-processing the graphics and audio into a 4K stream and managing scenes with OBS, or capturing video in 4K using my ElGato Game Capture 4K60 S+, I’d have no chance on my little Macbook Pro.

First of all, the drivers for the Elgato don’t even support MacOS!

So, if we accept that Windows and MacOS can play happily in the sandbox without killing eachother, how do we make it not suck?

By sharing a single mouse and keyoard! Let’s learn how.

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Enabling GIT Force Push in SourceTree

For some reason Atlassian SourceTree not only disallows force push by default, but actively hides the feature. I suppose this is to prevent people new to the GIT versioning system from performing destructive operations.

Unfortunately, developers often wrongfully assume SourceTree does not support this feature. Thankfully there is a very simple way to enable force push in the UI.

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Stuck Strategy - What to do when you’re stuck in code

Getting stuck really sucks. It can be soul-crushing. As developers, what do we do when we are stuck? We have a process for code review, unit testing and deployment. What is your process for when I get stuck though? I ran into a really frustrating problem during my live stream and after hours of struggling with it I just had to call it a day. Speaking with a friend that evening, they asked me how the stream had gone and I lamented my getting stuck. Their response inspired me to write this post. You stream to help people learn, right? Read more »

Exporting a Variable with Type-Casting

It is common to want to export variables out of the code and into the GUI. When you export variables in Godot, your normal methods of casting may not work. export(Node2D) var gem # doesn't work >:-( Solution-ish(?): You sometimes just can’t. Sorry. Godot only supports certain native types for exporting to the GUI. var player : Node2D var gem : Node2D export var count : Integer # Only native types can be exported Read more »